Diana Manole – Back to Nature

6 October 2017 – 28 October 2017

Event: NAG #11

Diana Manole’s works are based on seduction, that surrounds us in mystery and takes us back in time to an ideal space dominated by nature and the essence of life. In art, the woman was represented as an object, her sexuality being exploited for centuries, and presented to the public for her looks, objectified, ranging from a symbol of purity to sex symbol.

Blur areas are designed as an antidote to current times where beautiful means expensive clothes and perfection is achieved through Photoshop in cyberspace or through plastic surgery in the real world. Also we see the egg as a symbol of the beginning and man as a product of nature. This man is not but anyone is Adam, the first man in the Garden of Eden. Not covered by the leaf.

Still, we wonder: what we see isn’t really the man as an object? What is being presented by Diana Manole is a woman with her back turned to us, partly covered, and a naked man whose position can be interpreted as an invitation to carnal pleasures to a realm where the woman is the director and the man no more than an actor.

text: Irina Moreno