Mark Francis Williams – Based on true events

21 September 2018 – 3 October 2018

The need for safety and fear of the unknown led man to build societal constructs on ideological socio-political and religious structures. Rules are of their time. Certainties are transitory and perception is vulnerably intertwined with context.
Mark Francis Williams explores this relativity. He embraces chaos and appropriates ambiguity. His works overlap unaltered information, both absurd and concrete, imagined and tangible from moments experienced. The model of inspiration for his latest exhibition draws on television shows that credit ‘Based on True Events’ where facts are further fragmented and reassembled into a new an entertaining coherence.
Moving away from the tricks of perspective and light and shadow found in two-dimensional art Mark cuts and reconstructs the elements into touchable relief designs. The work is brought out into the world in a semi-real state. It is a vain attempt to assert a new legitimacy. Nonetheless, the three dimensional paint, paper and print work that combine to create the appearance of figuration remain half-truths, caught somewhere between the existent and the imaginary.

text: Diana Manole