Mircea Roman – Fățuitorul de suflete

5 October 2018 – 29 October 2018

Event: Noaptea Albă a Galeriilor #12

Mircea Roman, a coryphaeus of contemporary art, fashions matter into archetypal images.
His characters take expressions of the tragic transformation, the only savior.
“I carved my sculptures soul.”
Cuffed in tragic gestures the matter betrays the fragility of the human being as a fact of its predestination, against which man battles, aware still of his divine essence. The artist delimits the spirit from the body.
The man leaves his mark on the earth. Feet are like an axis mundi that link the terrestrial with the celestial, but are unable to detach from the mundane.
“The body has sex and legs, while I put soul to the portrait, hands and wings so they can exalt.”


text: Diana Manole