Alexandru Phoebus – Scenery

  • 25,5/32
  • watercolor with gouache accents on paper
  • signed


Alexandru Phoebus (b. 1899, Bucharest – d. 1954, Bucharest) was a Romanian painter and graphic artist.

He painted landscapes, especially from Bucharest and Transylvania, portraits and compositions of great emotional intensity and expressive force, including “Father’s Portrait”, “Peasants from Făgăraș”, “View from Bucharest”, “Old Romanian Gate from Sâmbăta de Sus” .

In 1920 he gave up the “School of Fine Arts”, where he enrolled in 1918, so that, together with Honoriu Creţulescu, Horia Igiroșeanu and others, to set up the “Fine Arts Association”, a union of students that was the basis of the future ” Free art academies ”.

Thus, Phoebus benefited from lessons and corrections from the painters Jean Alexandru Steriadi, Gheorghe Petrașcu and Arthur Verona, some of the teachers who came to help their younger colleagues.

He attended the Julian Academy in Paris and the workshops at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière.

In his work there are influences of the currents expressionism and constructivism.

In 1931, Alexandru Phoebus took part in the formation of the “Our Group” association, being a member of the wave of young artists, which included Tache Papatriandafil, Margareta Sterian, Paul Miracovici, Aurel Kessler and others.