Dan Hatmanu – Roofs of houses


-oil on canvas



“In the first part of his creative activity he executed portraits and landscapes in a realistic-traditional vision, which he later abandoned in favor of a constructivist formula with figurative reminders and humorous nuances.

In 1945 he enrolled at the Institute of Arts in Iasi, where he had as teachers Corneliu Baba and Ion Irimescu, and graduated in 1950.

He gave a competition after which he received the Nicolae Grigorescu scholarship of the Romanian Academy, which consisted of one year of studies in Leningrad and one year in Paris. Thus, he attended advanced courses at the Repin Academy in Leningrad and the Free Academy in Paris, from where he continued at the International Institute of Pedagogical Studies in Sèvres.

He was a university professor at the George Enescu Conservatory in Iași, where he also held the position of rector.”

“The game” is a work with two characters. A small chromatic, having a contrast between the trunk of the two trees behind which the two children hide and the background; In this way the characters become the center of interest of the work.
The composition is static, the characters being treated like a sketch, but without being very detailed.