Gabriel Stephanescu Arephy – Ballerina

  • 65/35
  • oil on canvas


He was born in Curtea de Argeș and is the son of the well-known musician George Stephanescu, the founder of the Romanian Opera and founder of the Fine Arts Union, in 1921.

He studied with Nicolae Vermont and George Demetrescu Mirea at the Ecole des Beaux Arts Paris.
Since 1919 he participates in the Official Salons in Bucharest, but also in the Salons of Independents in Paris and Laussanne.

He made the monumental work in Alba Iulia and Mamaia, painting all his life with the feeling of complete freedom and confessing, without inhibitions and stylistic stubbornness, in shapes and colors that betrayed the passion for clarity and expressiveness.

He rediscovered the greatness and tranquility of the landscapes. He also painted static natures, compositions, fragments of nature that impressed him, as well as faces captured in full activity.

Some landscapes remind of Cezanne, a Cezanne that the painter seems to want to know that he assimilated, with admiration.