George Löwendal – Old man from Bucovina



George Löwendal (born 27 April / 10 May 1897, St. Petersburg – d. February 18, 1964, Bucharest) was a painter known by his art as “The Painter of Bucovina and the Romanian Peasant”.
He was director, ballet master, stage director, actor, etc. He worked at the Buff Theater in Chisinau (1918-1922), at various theaters in Bucharest (1922-1926), at the National Theater in Cernăuţi (1926-1937), at the Theater in Craiova (1942-1943).
Professor at the “Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute, Bucharest (1950-1957) and the People’s Art School in Suceava. He excelled as a portretist, being a real painter of the soul of the people.

The peasants of Bucovina, remarkable by the acuity of the observation, the expressiveness of the drawing, illustrating the old drama of the Romanian peasant misted by the sufferings and shortcomings in the vain struggle with the hardships of life, impress deeply.
Equally valuable are the portraits of personalities such as Gala Galaction, Radu Boureanu, N. D. Cocea, Liviu Rebreanu and others. George Löwendal also has monumental artworks.

He is at the same time the author of a volume of poems.

He had numerous personal and collective exhibitions.