Gheorghe Labin – First Congress of the PCR

  • 59/47,5
  • oil on cardboard
  • signed


Gheorghe Labin (b. 1907, Pufești, Galați – d. 1977) was a Romanian painter and decorator, professor at the “Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute of Fine Arts in Iași.

He attended the Academy of Fine Arts with painters Camil Ressu and Cecilia Cuțescu-Storck.

In the Palace of Arts was started a large fresco entitled “The great fresco of war” started by Alexandru Ciucurencu, in which he collaborated with the painters Dem. Iordache and Gheorghe Vânătoru, on the sketches of Gheorghe Labin.

The 1940 earthquake severely damaged the building, which was demolished in 1943, and the fresco disappeared.

After the Second World War, through the chosen themes, Gheorghe Labin became the painter of the misery during the war.

Between April 11 and 25, 1948, the “FLAME” Exhibition took place, organized at the Dalles Hall by MH Maxy, Ligia Macovei, Gheorghe Labin, Boris Caragea and Alexandru Ciucurencu – artists of a certain left orientation – foreshadowing the new orientation of art in the regime communist.

On December 25, 1950, by Decree 226/1950, the Fine Arts Union was dissolved and its entire patrimony passed to the Union of Fine Artists of the R.P.R., which is recognized as a legal entity of public utility. Boris Caragea was elected president and Gheorghe Labin was elected general secretary (1968-1978).