Ionescu Sin- Awakening

  • 46/43
  • Oil / cardboard
  • signed lower right


Attracted by the tendencies offered by French modernism, Sim would experiment both with the chosen themes and with the manner or painting technique.
In time, her palette would be much more pastel, but carefully directed in the chromatic registers, or through the chosen subjects, the nudes and landscapes being replaced with some compositions that were right on the edge of expressionism.

Member of the association “Our Group”, he was considered one of the animators of the group.

The painter stands out especially through the theme of the nude, gradually treated with the evolution of the style from the academic and slightly scholastic way, to the avant-garde influences of the beginning of the 20th century.
In this picture we observe the values and the chromatic harmony, as well as the chromatic refinement and the fluidity of the folds.

The center of interest is noticed by the red color of the bedding that wraps the static character.