Jean Alexandru Steriadi – Musicians

  • 16,5/20,5
  • oil on wood
  • signed


He was a Romanian painter and graphic artist, university professor at the School of Fine Arts in Bucharest and honorary member of the Romanian Academy since 1948.

He studied at the Royal Academy in Munich and then in Paris.

He led the Aman Museum, then the Kalinderu Museum and was a teacher at the School of Fine Arts in Bucharest.

He is the initiator and promoter of black and white graphic salons.

In the first period of creation, Steriadi was preoccupied with large-scale composition depicting scenes from the lives of ordinary people.

Later he painted with an emotion sometimes shrouded in a slight melancholy, urban and aquatic landscapes, corners of old Bucharest, images from Dobrogea, and from his many travels.

Steriadi’s painting has a delicately nuanced luminosity that attests to the assimilation of the most precious features of Impressionism.
A talented illustrator, he is the author of numerous sketch portraits that touch on Romanian graphics, a culmination of the genre through the precision of his characterization, the spirit of observation, the intelligent humor.