Mircea Roman – The skirt


-bronze, brass


Mircea Roman (born June 24, 1958, Băiuţ, Maramureş County) is a Romanian sculptor.
Mircea Roman debuts in force in 1989 with a personal exhibition proposing a neo-expressionist sculpture. A neo-expressionism that brought all its constitutive elements into a difficult period of history, in which the Romanian society manifests itself in a “increasingly socially and culturally realistic reality”. It was a time of maximum oppression, censorship and social and artistic marginalization of young people or those who thought and felt art other than the official art. “It was hard to believe in hope. That’s why it was hard to decipher in the contemporary setting. The only clear form of hope was given by the orientation to the spiritual tradition, which you had to do in narrow circles or by yourself. ”

Composed of pieces of parquet combined with a red binder like blood, the seven works were born rather “from inner dissatisfaction”, and not necessarily from an express dissatisfaction with the political system. Even though “life at that time was not easy”, the artist was too preoccupied to work, to see how these sculptures are born and developed.