Nicolae Georgescu – Static nature

  • 63/48,5
  • oil on cardboard
  • signed


Born in 1948, Georgescu graduated from the Nicolae Grigorescu Institute of Fine Arts in Bucharest in 1974, in the class of Professor Blendea.
He won the Prize of the Union of Visual Artists in 1975, when he exhibited at group exhibitions abroad: France, Finland, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, the USSR, etc. He left Romania for good in 1985, which allowed him to make a series of study trips to Greece and Italy, settling in Paris.

Even if he finishes the Institute of Fine Arts in Constantin Blendea’s class, Georgescu chooses the form and the figure as defining elements of the plastic representation, and through the successive refinement of the pictorial tools, he manages to compile an entire artistic discourse. The modeling tool remains the color, with the help of which it translates the light and the metamorphosing quality of the visual sensations. The space is also defined by the chosen color range, precisely by placing the strongly chromatic surfaces in value antagonism with undefined volumes.
The figurative is reached instinctively, the form being materialized by the fine agreement of the construction textures, all these leading to an essentialization of the pictorial surfaces.

Georgescu uses cold, muted tones and, borrowing expressionist introspections, transposes his own turmoil into these uncertain, melancholy gray colors.