Octav Angheluta – Green blouse

, ,

- 31/39

-Oil / cardboard.


Octav Angheluță (b. May 3, 1904, Brăila, Romania – d. November 17, 1979, Bucharest, RS Romania) was a Romanian painter, emeritus artist (1954), university professor at the “Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute of Fine Arts, Bucharest.

“Octav Angheluță’s works are recognized by their exuberant chromaticism and balanced structure, but especially by their sense of humor”, noted the critic Adina Nanu in the catalog dedicated to Octavian Angheluță.

He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest in 1928.

The painter Octav Angheluță was the founder of the Association of Romanian Painters and Sculptors, together with Lucian Grigorescu, Dumitru Ghiață, Alexandru Moscu, Ion Țuculescu, Alexandru Ciucurencu, he was the director of the State Art Gallery and professor at the painting department of the Nicolae Grig Institute of Fine Arts. Bucharest.