Raul Egon Lebel -At the window

- oil on wood
– 25/32


Born in Bucharest in 1907, in a family of wealthy and cultured people, at the age of 21 Lebel studied painting and drawing with G.D. Mirea and Camil Ressu.

The bakery (the Herdan biscuits were famous) of the painter’s family was the bread supplier of the royal house, and in Lebel’s circle of friends there were important people of the interwar period: Alex Papana (one of the greatest aviators of Romania), Smaranda Brăescu (the first female pilot in Romania), Theodor Pallady, George Enescu etc.

Raul Lebel owes perhaps to his Romanian artistic origin and formation his impulsive impulses, the interpretation of nature and the expression of his own thoughts, through the intensity of the tones used, pure and sincere.

His painting is warm, emotional, alive.