Ștefan Dimitrescu-Three women

, ,

▪️ 50/69 cm,
▪️ oil / cardboard,
▪️ signed.


He was born on January 18 in Huși. Orphaned by his father, he attended the classical gymnasium “Anastasie Pann”, from Huși (1897). He obtained a scholarship and enrolled at the School of Fine Arts in Iași (1903-1908), in the class of the painter Emanoil Bardasare. He painted churches in Agăș, Asau and Gherghița (1908-1911). He was appointed drawing teacher at Alexandru Ghica High School in Alexandria (1912-1920).

He left for France, to Paris, and enrolled at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière, after which he rented his own workshop in Montmartre (1912-1913). He returned to the country in 1913.