Under the sign of change – emotions and feelings!


AUGUST 26, 2020-SEPTEMBER 10, 2020
Opening 26 AUGUST 2020 – 19:00


In safe conditions, in compliance with the current norms of hygiene and social distancing, Rotenberg-Uzunov Gallery announces the opening of a new exhibition, Wednesday, August 26 at 7 pm: Under the sign of change – emotions and feelings, signed by the young artist Arina Bican .

In a permanent relationship with its own inner springs of transformation, Arina Bican’s art inspires refinement and sensitivity, strength and fragility alike.

Inventions of deep emotions and personal feelings, regardless of the theme approached, the works of the young artist are a symbol of the search for inner strength, healing, love and truth.

Interested in the theme of the self-portrait, like another previous life, which lives and transmits its own messages, her art oscillates between inner reflections following dramas and the existential tension of reality.

In this way, it penetrates more easily inside her, she better understands her feelings from the moments of her existence and she releases her emotions through healing symbols.

The exhibition presents some self-portraits of the artist, doubled from another life, in poses typical of the feelings and emotions experienced.

Another theme approached in the works in the exhibition associates the reactions of the individual, in front of a restrictive society, which does not understand him, which seizes him, which limits him any kind of freedom!
Sometimes the one of BEING!

Also interesting are the chromatic contrasts of colors, from the compositions present on the gallery’s simeza, the precision of the detail, the feeling of a well-made picture, the static and dynamic effects, make Arina Bican’s art one of the most comprehensive and loaded with image symbols of contemporary art!

Curator: Adina Rențea
text: Adina Rențea