Mark Francis Williams - Happy to help

Mark Francis Williams - Happy to help

Mark is an English artist who reeived the Master of Arts in Painting and Drawing at the Chelsea School of Arts in London.

He is currently very much in love with the city of Bucharest, Romania, where he has lived for the past eight years.

' My practice is a direct response to living in Bucharest and I’m exploring states of impassiveness and aesthetic results.'

In recent years, there have been new shopping centers in town that lure us. It is an attempt to respond to this transient, rather than to evoke a notion of immortality.

We have developed a process that allows both control and an accident. Subsequently, a dialogue is formed between the content and the environment. The voluntary result of the work reflects the dichotomy between the tangible and the etheric and between the sense of localization and dislocation.

My goal is to get an inadequate order or a messy order.

  • 64/ 84 cm,
  • Giclee, acrylic and mixed media on foamboard and heavyweight watercolour paper,
  • Mounted in handmade oak frame.

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