About Us

                                       Welcome to  Rotenberg Uzunov Art Gallery !

Rotenberg – Uzunov Art Gallery was born from the desire of art collectors Mihail Rotenberg and Eduard Uzunov to promote contemporary and modern Romanian art. Contemporary art exhibition programs combine the exposure of emerging young artists with established ones. Priority for our gallery is the visibility of visual artists and their events.

Located in an important urban and historical setting, vis a vis the west side of the Romanian Athenaeum (str. Constantin Esarcu nr.3, Parter, ap.2, sector 1, București), the gallery space through the facade that meets the aesthetic and practical criteria achieves a unique object of urban design.

Through the Art by APPOINTMENT space, gallery visitors have the opportunity to see the works of 20th century artists such as Camil Ressu, Gheorghe Petrașcu, Octav Bancila, Corneliu Baba, Alexandru Ciucurencu.

The Rotenberg-Uzunov Art Gallery is not just a gallery, it is a place in the heart of the city center where people meet art, socialize and experience the thrill of cultural vibrations.

Capital social: 200
Nr. Reg. Com: J40/4705/2012
CIF: RO 30112979
Sediul: Str. Alexandr Puskin nr. 30, et. 2, cam. 1,
sector 1, BUCURESTI
Punct de lucru: str. Constantin Esarcu nr.3, Parter, ap.2, sector 1, București
IBAN RON:  RO93 BACX 0000 0007 4612 4001 – RON
IBAN euro: RO12 BACX 0000 0007 4612 4004 – EUR