Diana Manole - Orgasm

Diana Manole - Orgasm

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  • 40 x 30 cm,
  • oil/canvas, 
  • signed.

The work is part of the exhibition "Rerotikon" by Diana Manole, at the Rotenberg-Uzunov Art Gallery, from 2017.

"Legitimate for men for centuries, the assumption by an artist of her own sexuality is still rare today.

An object and not a subject, women were deprived of sexual equality in all patriarchal cultures, leading to female circumcision still practiced today.

In the eyes of the artist, this is the major cause of the fact that "woman is the nigger of the world".

The paintings, timeless and with faceless characters, dematerialize the sexual act, bringing to the fore the right to erotic equality between women and men.

In this sense the exhibition is a postmodern feminist cry."

Michael Rotenberg

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