Pogany-Bianca Paraschiv

Pogany-Bianca Paraschiv

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The work is part of the "REVERENCE" Exhibition - signed by Bianca Paraschiv.

Exhibition event dedicated to Brâncuși Day

"Pogany"- The work is presented in the form of a praise of femininity, through the minimalism of Brâncuși intertwined with the complexity-characteristic of personal compositions. This graphic rendering of infinity and the idea of "perpetual" is attenuated by the obvious geometries that balance both the composition and the outlined semantic path.

In some places, fragments from The Gate of the Kiss, but also from the halo, stand out, as a mark of detachment, but also of uncertainty. The “eye” on the left side of the grapghic artwork is partially covered by a suggestion of a modern architecture, here highlighting the stylistic contrast, an idealized alternation between modern and classic, and the fact that the architecture is overlaid on the Brancusi image harder to discover in its quintessence, due to appearances.

  • 28 x 20 cm,
  • Technique: Complete drawn print, charcoal and liner on cardboard,
  • Signed Bianca Paraschiv.

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