The sleeping maiden- Khaled Matar

The sleeping maiden- Khaled Matar

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The work is part of the Exhibition "Call to Adventure" by Khaled Matar.

The exhibition Call to Adventure represents the illustration of the artist's first steps on the way to discovering the inner hero and confirming his artistic ideals.

From the apprentice, searching for meanings and ways of expression, to the creator who envisions himself becoming, Matar draws, paints following the directions of the famous Bargue or Solomon, but expresses his own emotions, offering us timeless sequences from the same infinite unfolding of humanity, snapshots of portraits beyond photography (Luna, Madking) or the semantic contradiction of static nature describing human flight (Symbols of Icarus).

The atmosphere that the artist proposes defines his self, the light, omnipresent, strongly contrasts with the shadows and enlivens the painting, life being the stake of his discourse. Follower of realism in painting, Khaled Matar uses specific artistic means to bring us closer to his feelings and aspirations, in simple, clear compositions, but loaded with deep allegations and symbols. How the artist will evolve on such a difficult path of discovering the inner hero, he himself will answer us, through his future creations.

  • 60 x 80 cm,
  • Technique: Chalk and charcoal on toned paper,
  • Signed.

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