Alexandru Ciucurencu- Demonstration

Alexandru Ciucurencu- Demonstration

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Alexandru Ciucurencu studied painting at the School of Fine Arts in Bucharest (1921-1928), where he had George Demetrescu Mirea and Camil Ressu as teachers.

He was a post-impressionist painter and influenced Simon Hollogy and Sorin Adam. He made his artistic debut at the Official Bucharest Salon in 1930.

After working for a while with the group of artists from Baia Mare who formed the group of the same name, he studied at the Julian Academy in Paris and in Andre Lhote's studio.

In 1948 he became a professor, then editor at the Nicolae Grigorescu Institute of Fine Arts in Bucharest. Exultant colorist in an initial phase evolved into a more refined palette, a concise design and geometric compositions.

In the first period of creation, he painted mainly still lifes, nudes and landscapes, which stand out for their color harmony. Ciucurencu changed his theme by composing compositions with historical or social topics.

He won awards - Labor Order 1948, Master Emeritus of Art 1956, Ion Andreescu Award 1956, Star of the Romanian People's Republic 1959, People's Artist 1964. He was a teacher for Traian Bradean, Horea Paștina, Mircea Deac, Constantin Piliuță, Spiru Chintilă.

After St. Luchian and Th. Pallady, Alexandru Ciucurencu was the most representative painter of color.

Ciucurencu's painting cannot be conceived without the appeal of composition, color and light.

  • 23.5 x  23.5 cm,
  • Oil / cardboard,
  • signed.

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