Arh.Smaranda Piliuță-Constantin Piliuță

Arh.Smaranda Piliuță-Constantin Piliuță
Arh.Smaranda Piliuță-Constantin Piliuță
Arh.Smaranda Piliuță-Constantin Piliuță
Arh.Smaranda Piliuță-Constantin Piliuță
Arh.Smaranda Piliuță-Constantin Piliuță
Arh.Smaranda Piliuță-Constantin Piliuță
Constantin Piliuță
Arh.Smaranda Piliuță
October 27, 2022 - November 11, 2022
Opening October 27, 2022, 6:00 p.m

No title
Painting exhibition by architect Smaranda Piliuţă

An exhibition without a title, but with possible subtitles, will open on Thursday, October 27, at 18:00 at the Rotenberg-Uzunov Gallery. "Art does not need vowels or consonants; it is good or not good, it is according to your soul or not.
The job of an artist is always thinking; at each age you approach it in a different way, because the mission of the artist, the painter in particular, is to enter people's homes and teach them how to live in the spirit of the joy of colors, when they are in front of a painting". They are the thoughts of a great painter, Constantin Piliuţă, shared with the public in a unique exhibition: painting - Smaranda Piliuţă, some drawings - Constantin Piliuţă. Although she wanted to follow Fine Arts, Smaranda Piliuţă, the artist's daughter and the author of the exhibition, is an architect, a profession she embraced at the suggestion of her father, towards whom she had a cult.
"She always draws very beautifully," said Constantin Piliuţă about his daughter's drawings. He knew that the connection between painter and architect is old. What unites them, from the beginning, is the drawing. Figurative or abstract, drawing is image. An artistic image, through which the artist outlines his own vision of reality, with his specific means of expression.
The line, the gesture, the linear codes, the technique of the tools used, the expressiveness, the subject and the form make up a complex constellation in the body of the drawing.
Although tributary to her architectural training, Smaranda Piliuţă's painting is free of rules. She paints to free her conscience.
The paths of his strong strokes precisely follow the contours of the characters in strikingly simplistic compositions, in which the atmosphere breathes through the everyday, through immediate life, monotonous but, nevertheless, alive and invigorating. The elements are concisely defined, the line is alertly sustained, with compact patches of color and parallelisms of textures transformed into socio-cultural quotations and exciting visual effects. The fiery red discharges energy in banal contexts, the appearance of descriptiveness and the imagery vocabulary is structured on colored disks, crescents and stars, apparently disordered. They are actually signals sent by the artist to the community – a community that she embraces with the affection of creative maturity and the rigor of an analyst, cynical and skeptical, of the contradictory world in which she lives.
The game of the three spectral colors is the main stake of some joinings of imperative declarations of independence of each piece of canvas, the transfer of depth is confused with the passage from darkness to the light of liberation. Black unifies, opposes, supports and delimits, signs, details, perspectives. The momentum of Smaranda Piliuta is consumed abruptly, face to face with the viewer, calling for questions and understanding, without completely closing the channels of communication.
In the pendant, some of Constantin Piliuţă's drawings, drawn spontaneously, in smooth lines, without the care of compromises and which you will be able to admire in the exhibition, denote an extraordinary science of its valorization. Because the drawing redefines the artist, being rather linked to thinking, feeling and intelligence!

Adina Rentea
President ASAF

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