Constantin Jiquidi – Portrait of Dimitrie Paciurea

Constantin Jiquidi – Portrait of Dimitrie Paciurea

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He was a Romanian cartoonist and cartoonist, and his father was a graphic artist Aurel Jiquidi. Constantin Jiquidi made his debut at the age of 17 with Tipuri din Iași, then collaborated with the humorous magazine ' Bobârnacul' from Iași, being recognized as a great talent.

The final consecration took place with the appearance, also in Iași, of the first volume of the album Caricatures.

In 1889 he settled permanently in Bucharest, where he was for a short time one of the most appreciated cartoonists of the capital, until his death at only 34 years old, caused by phthisis.

He collaborated with I.L. Caragiale, as a graphic designer, at ' Moftul român' .He was probably the first cartoonist to publish comics in Romania, in the magazine ' Amicul Copiilor' , in 1893.

His album productions are: Parliamentary Profiles (1886), Journalists by Nature (1888), Types of the Country (1889), Faculty of Medicine (1895).Jiquidi also made some oil paintings, watercolors, illustrations.

  • 21 x 29 cm,
  • mixed technique,
  • signed.

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