Constantin Piliuță -Poster sketch

Constantin Piliuță -Poster sketch

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After studying at the Nicolae Grigorescu Institute of Fine Arts in Bucharest under the guidance of Alexandru Ciucurencu, he participates in the most important collective events in the country.

He is a representative of the currents of postmodernism and Fauvism, and is influenced by Alexandru Ciucurencu.

Important prizes obtained - the Ion Andreescu prize of the Romanian Academy.

He establishes himself as a draftsman through a particular acuity of observation, translated through an incisive line, carried as the case may be by dramatic tensions or humorous situations.

In painting, he evolves in a landscape direction in which the cult for nature, for the concrete elements, which once imposed themselves on the memory, intertwines with a lyrical flow that dominates all the figurative material in a unique poetic structure.

"Art does not need vowels or consonants; it's good or it's not good, it's according to your soul or not. The job of an artist is always thinking; at each age you approach it in a different way, because the mission of the artist, the painter in particular, is to enter people's homes and teach them how to live in the spirit of the joy of colors, when they are in front of a painting. ” - are the thoughts of the great painter Constantin Piliuță.

The artist knows that an extra detail on the sheet would focus the viewer's interest on the "forms", or what he wants to express is the "background". In his art, colors accept only uncomplicated combinations, often contrasted in a single chromatic range, dominated by a... non-color: white, which fascinates Piliuţă, giving him the dimension of free thought.

An excellent draftsman, Piliuţă acquired over time a science of its valorization, individualizing it also in the pictorial composition. 

A student of the great colorist, Alexandru Ciucurencu, Piliuţă put an extraordinary chromatic science into the color of his paintings, he painted white on white, he penetrated the human soul with the audacity to always find the appropriate expression and to use the technical means most appropriate to his favorite art by him, with a stirring and passion, unmatched only by intelligence and taste.

In an interview conducted in his workshop, Constantin Piliuţă declared that "the works in an exhibition must always bring something new; first of all, to open a path to dialogue between the artist and the public, because that is the beauty of an exhibition: that you, as a painter, discover it through the eyes of those who come to see your works".

  • 23,5 x 61 cm,
  • oil/cardboard,
  • signed.

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