Dimitrie Serafim (1862–1931) - Portrait of a young man

Dimitrie Serafim (1862–1931) - Portrait of a young man

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Dimitrie Serafim was a Romanian painter. His father, Anton Seraphim, a native of Varna, was a church painter, as were Dimitrie's two brothers.

He first studied in Bucharest, between 1882 and 1888, with professors Theodor Aman, Gheorghe Tattarescu and C.I. Stăncescu and then in Paris, at the Julian Academy, from 1888, with family scholarships.

After participating in the first Romanian Art Salon in 1892, he received a scholarship in Paris, studying again in the French capital, this time with Gerome and Henner.

He worked a lot using the impressionist technique, under the influence of painters Gheorghe Tattarescu and Nicolae Grigorescu.  His studies in Paris influenced him and he turned to large-scale academic painting, especially addressing mythological compositions, but also small works on various topics.

When it was launched, Dimitrie Serafim was considered a young hope. His academic style gave him back.

He was not an innovator and did not experiment. He became a mediocre professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest, where he taught since 1901.

  • Half-profile portrait, without hands, the character being placed in the center of the composition.
  • The treatment is realistic, with shadows and colored grays.

  • 45/57 cm,
  • oil on canvas,
  • signed. 

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