Fears - Corneliu Baba

Fears - Corneliu Baba

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One of the most influential artists in the history of Romanian and East-European twentieth-century painting, Corneliu Baba marked whole generations of artists. This painting is part of his most recognizable and sought-after series, the “Fears”, conceived by Corneliu Baba following one of the most traumatic events that shook Romania, the 1977 earthquake. Entering the category of deeply expressionist compositions, along with the "Crazy Kings" series, Corneliu Baba's "Fears" introduce us to a personal universe, coordinated by the artist's psyche, but also by respect for Goya's creation. In fact, Baba did not even hesitate to name some of his studies for "Fears" as "Tribute to Francisco Goya", proof of the rather strong influence that the Spanish master had. 

Provenance: American Diplomat collection acquired directly from the artist in the 1980's. 

The work comes with Certificate of Authenticity from Pavel Susara and Maria Muscalu Albani, the recognized authority experts on the artist.

  • 38 x 36 cm,
  • oil on board,
  • unframed. 

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