Gheorghe N. G. Vânătoru (1905–1983) - Static nature with fruits

Gheorghe N. G. Vânătoru (1905–1983) - Static nature with fruits

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Student since 1923, of the painters Gheorghe Petrașcu, Nicolae Tonița, Francisc Sirato and C. Vlădescu, he quickly develops his own style, although the affinity for Gheorghe Petrașcu is visible until late.

Paintings and a few graphic works synthesize his dominant style of some strong colors, first of all, highlighted by deep reds with a coldness accentuated most of the times by a dark green, either in the compact leaf mass of the trees or in some backgrounds of static natures or portrayed characters.

Gheorghe Vânătoru's modernity in the 30s consists in the preference for the expressive value of color, in the synthesis of the composition that is structured almost geometrically, especially in the landscape, the artist following the mood and much less respecting the motif.

There is a chromatic expressionism in his works and maybe, in some compositions with women, a drama that makes you think of that current.An expressionism of the Petraschian type, devoid of the sarcastic dimension of its German or even French manifestation.

  • The painting represents a static nature consisting of fruits, a bottle of wine and a fruit bowl, the objects being stylized. The chromatic is alive and the pair of complementary red and green also appears.The foreground stands out from the background with brighter and lighter colors.

  • 40,5/32 cm,
  • oil on canvas,
  • signed.

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