Nicolae Dărăscu-Balchik

Nicolae Dărăscu-Balchik

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He was born on February 18, 1883 in Giurgiu. After graduating from high school in Giurgiu, he enrolled at the School of Fine Arts in Bucharest, studying with the painters G.D.Mirea and Strâmbulescu (1902-1906).

After graduation, he left for Paris, and studied at the Julian Academy with Jean Paul Laurens (1906), then enrolled at the Academie des Beaux-Arts (1907), in the class of Luc Olivier Merson. In France, he painted at Saint Tropez, to whose landscape he will remain continuously connected. He exhibited at the Société des Artistes Français (1910), in Paris, Brâncuși sculpted his bust.

Travels to the south of France, to Toulon and St. Tropez (1908), in Venice (1909), but also in the country in the area of ​​Vlaici-Olt (1913) and Dobrogea (Balchik - 1919). Read Paul Signac's book "From Delacroix to Neo-Impressionism" and get to know the author.

 He studied Chevreul and Helmholz's texts on the laws of optics that govern the relationship between colors, their effect on his works being visible at the 1913 exhibition. in red, yellow, blue and green, the rendering of the chromatic harmony being done now by juxtaposing them; it is the period in which he seems obsessed with the mystery of Venice, ("Venetian Palace") with the hills of Balchik or with the poetry of the boulevards of Bucharest ("Calea Victoriei pe ploaie").

Towards the end of his life he reaches a rational mastery of the means of expression, a fact proved by great compositions with female nudes or wide-ranging landscapes ("Turkish Cemetery", "Argeș Landscape"). He had his most important personal exhibition in 1936, at the Dalles Hall, where he exhibited 85 works. Other reference works: "View from Argeș", the series of landscapes from the Delta.

His painting reveals the contemporary contempt for the details of the object, in favor of the rendering of shapes by color, being able to be characterized by the magnitude of the vision. Watercolor influenced by Impressionist and Neo-Impressionist currents.

  •  40.5 x 29 cm,
  •  Oil / cardboard,
  • signed.

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