Petre Abrudan (1907–1979) - Portrait of a young girl

Petre Abrudan (1907–1979) - Portrait of a young girl

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Petre Abrudan was a Romanian painter. He made portraits, historical compositions, static natures, monumental paintings, mosaics and landscapes in a traditional realistic way (' The Council of Ladies' ).He trained as a painter at the School of Fine Arts in Cluj (1925-1928, 1930-1932).

He made his debut in 1937 at the official Salon. Petre Abrudan participated in numerous exhibitions in the country and abroad, imposing himself especially through the 20 personal open between 1932-1970 in Cluj, Zalău, Satu Mare, Baia Mare, Bucharest, Bacău, Craiova, Tîrgu Mureș.

The maturation of the artist took place on a road full of steadfastness, without detours, his investigations following, equally, the color and the line, the value and the form.Meditative, he intensely scrutinized reality, seeking and succeeding in communicating in a specific pictorial language, significant truths.

Linked by thousands of threads to the world she came from, he always wanted to be able to communicate directly with her, selecting the means, lucid and sensitive to effectively structure each image to load it with meaning.

The complex, full of tension composition bases its expressiveness on the firm rhythm of the silhouettes and on the balanced and direct color solutions. Modeled in large planes, people's faces, like firmly drawn hands, concentrate in them all the meanings of the drama.

  • 32/44 cm,
  • oil on canvas,
  • signed. 

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