Art gives hope

More than 20 artists will transform the 6th floor of the Fundeni Clinical Institute into an art gallery for seriously ill children

Over 20 of the most important artists of the moment will transform the 6th floor of the Fundeni Clinical Institute into an art gallery for children with leukemia, cancer and other serious diseases, hospitalized here or in the newly established hospitalization center in the courtyard of the medical unit.

The project "Art gives hope" was initiated by the businessman Eduard Uzunov, Rotenberg-Uzunov Gallery, "Association for the Support of Fine Arts" (ASAF) and the Association "Wings to Life" and will consist of donating paintings to the hospital,  where even 5,000 children are hospitalized annually.

The paintings will be made in the artists' own workshops, which will donate one or more works, depending on their personal vision, on the theme that gave the title of the project: “Art gives hope.

Subsequently, the works will be evaluated by ASAF specialists and donated to the Fundeni Clinical Institute, based on detailed donation documents, signed by each artist and will enter the institution's patrimony.

However, before arriving in the rooms and reserves on the 6th floor of the Fundeni Clinical Institute and in the newly established Hospitalization Center in the courtyard of the medical unit, the works will be reunited in a vernissage, which will take place in early December at the Rotenberg Gallery -Uzunov.

Among the artists from the country and abroad, who embraced this idea are: Marilena Murariu, Costin Neamțu, Lisandru Neamțu, Stela Vesa, Carmen Marin, Lucia Pușcașu, Lucian Liciu, Ion Drăghici, Gabriela Drăghici, Eugen Macinic, Vasile Dobre , Arina Bican, Ileana Dragomirescu, Vali Irina Ciobanu, Carmen Poenaru, Emanoela Szabo, Irina Florescu, Ion Văcăreanu, Mugurel Bărbulescu, Sanda Buțiu, Oana Barsan, Damir Petru, Alexandra Johansen, Mugurel Barbulescu, Eugen Macinic, and the list remains open until opening date.

"As for the construction part several people and / or companies have already offered to support the investment, we thought of a donation, which would bring joy to the children's souls, consisting of paintings made by some of the best artists of the moment, both for the rooms, reserves and corridors of this floor of the hospital, and for the newly established Hospital Center, located in the courtyard of the medical unit. It is a soul project, through which we try to bring a ray of light in the lives of these suffering children, of their parents, who are permanently with them in the hospital and, last but not least, of the medical staff who take care of them. Because, it is said, art heals, art is perfection, it is a dream, it is a story, for mind and soul, and when it is addressed to people in great suffering, it can become a ray of hope ", he declared Eduard Uzunov, the initiator of the project.

The "Wings to Life" Association has already renovated the 6th floor of the Fundeni Clinical Institute through the project "Big hearts for the smiles of the little ones", supported by hundreds of people, and is currently building the first day hospital, for the benefit of children affected by cancer. who undergo long-term treatment and who belong to an increased risk group being immunocompromised due to both the disease and cytostatic treatment. "

The establishment of this center significantly reduces the risk of infections for these extremely sensitive little ones and also offers psychological comfort to children who, after spending months in hospita.

Supporting these children has become part of our lives in the last 10 years we have been volunteering for pediatric hospitals. A spiritual connection was created between us and the medical staff and we tried every time it was necessary to be present and to do everything we could to save a life, so that parents could focus as much as possible for the care of their children ", said Nicoleta Stoenescu, president of the Association" Wings to Life ".

In her turn, the president of ASAF, Adina Rențea, opened her soul for this project: "We started in this approach, convinced that" art gives wings, not crutches ", as the great Victor Hugo said, and we will succeed by collecting works of art donated by famous artists, to bring relief, comfort and hope to the mind, body and soul. ”Art in the form of painting, writing or music is known as the greatest gift that can be given to humanity due to its healing properties on emotions and suffering. The artists know this and immediately resonated with the project initiated by the businessman Eduard Uzunov, a lover of art and beauty! ”.

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