Bob Bulgaru- Child's soul

Bob Bulgaru - Painter of tender essences
The exhibition "Child's soul"

June 3-June 20, 2020
Opening: June 3, 2020 - 6:00 p.m.

Rotenberg - Uzunov Art Gallery str. Constantin Esarcu, nr.1

The exhibition "Child's Soul", Bob Bulgaru - painter of tender essences opened at the Rotenberg Gallery - Uzunov, on the occasion of the International Children's Day, brings us closer to the world of childhood of each of us.
At a time when we've been more ... far away, we need closer than ever. Close to us, to others, to everything that means beautiful! And in art, there is a beauty for everyone!
27 works signed by Bob Bulgaru, considered by the art critic Mircea Deac, "the painter of nobility and purity of children's portraits", whose importance and representativeness is underlined by the fact that most of them participated in retrospective exhibitions dedicated to the artist, organized by the Art Museums from Târgoviste and Ploieşti in the period 1972-1973, as well as by the Anastasie Simu Museum from Bucharest, in 1973, ennobles the symposium of the Rotenberg - Uzunov Gallery, a landmark space for modern and contemporary Romanian art.
The event is all the more meritorious, as the works, which are part of the private collection of Eduard Mircea Uzunov, are exhibited for the first time in such a format. As in any large art collection, and in the Uzunov collection, there are works for childhood and the child… in us. For, as Brâncuşi said: "When you are no longer a child, you have died a long time ago!".
A fine observer of a world that fascinates with its innocence and beauty, the portraits of Bob Bulgaru's children, captured at different ages, highlight first of all his excellent qualities as a cartoonist. Through the language of shapes and colors, using a color palette so well adapted to the illustrated model, the artist managed to reproduce charming faces, the noble and candid life of childhood.
The portraits of children breathe in the authenticity of the experience, highlighted by the unconventional technique of oil painting on tracing paper, which offers a unique transparency to warm tones and soft touches.
The exhibition is completed by the artist's self-portrait, as well as by the evocative lines about Bob Bulgaru and "his children", signed by the critic Barbu Brezianu.
Although his artistic register does not stop only at illustrating the age of innocence, the artist making other portraits, static natures and landscapes, the notoriety of his name in Romanian fine arts remains linked to one of the most expressive and melancholic series of childhood representations.
His painting is an art that stirs souls and eyes. It is a charming art, like the innocence of a child face to face with the world of miracles and magic.

Curator: Adina Rențea
text: Adina Rențea

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