Cristian Pepino - The man who pulls the strings

The man who pulls the strings

event part of the National Theater Festival 2019 (FNT)

Str. Constantin Esarcu, nr.1

Cristian Pepino's drawings are alive, breathing freedom, authentic and a kind of personal independence. Whether they are in charcoal, pencil, pastel, or fluid, real or shaped, dynamic or static, painstakingly worked or rendered from a few brushes, black and white or in colored grays - his works introduce us to a naive, original, a parallel universe in which there are no limits, in which everything is possible, in which the light softly strokes the contours. It is a way to confess the complexity that surrounds us, the visible and, above all, the invisible. Because one of the great merits of the artist is that it makes the invisible become visible, come to life and sit well on the sheet of paper.

curators:Raluca Maria Aioniţoaie si Remus Alexandru Gabor

text: Simona PREDA


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