T.I.! Color and love story

T.I.! Color and love story
Art and object exhibition dedicated to the Universal Day of Ia

Celebrated in our country, but also in Romanian communities around the world on June 24, entered the annual program of museums and cultural institutions in the country and abroad, International Day of Ia is the perfect setting for the opening of the exhibition T.I.! - Color and love story, an art and object exhibition, signed by the artist Teli Iacşa (Teofilia Juravle). A new soul project, Rotenberg-Uzunov Art Gallery!

The acronym T.I.! it doesn't just mean the initials of his name. He wears a much deeper, almost magical symbol! Two words that each of us wanted to hear at least once in our lives!
T.I.! means I LOVE YOU!

As a never-ending declaration of love for people and art, most often expressed through its artistic universe, full of joy and light, full of color and story.

Each of the 15 works on the symposium of the Rotenberg-Uzunov Gallery represents the living of a story from his real life. Whether they are paintings on glass or made in the technique of collage, they illustrate a part of the artist's soul, sometimes deciphered only with the help of plastic visual language.
And her artistic belief guides our steps, and our soul to a whole universe: "We were born and live without instructions to use our lives. Today, I am guided by signs: by the signs sewn by our ancestors, old energy, mysteriously symbolized in the costumes they wore, by the signs (scars) left by the pains in my soul, by the signs given by those on who meet them, according to the signs that God sends me to follow my path ''.

The favorite theme of his creation so far has its roots in Romanian folk art, which harmoniously combines the artistic heritage of the simple man with the cultivated craft of the artist.
By capitalizing on the traditional Romanian elements, Teli Iacşa's creation acquires the virtues of a valuable authentic creation, in which the sense of beauty is reflected, manifested equally by the harmonious proportions, but also by contrasting symmetries and asymmetries, the sober elegance of the point and lines. elaborate forms of plastic language. The delicate juxtapositions of the pieces of material or embroidery, inserted in the area of ​​the plastic representations, give to the works present in the exhibition a balance between the plastic and the decorative art.
His works contain elements of material and spiritual culture, with a well-defined role in achieving the balance between tradition and innovation. Through an uninterrupted and surprising chromatic and technical decoration, the 15 works in the exhibition preserve the tradition, good taste and uniqueness of an artist whose spiritual identity aspires to understand the eternal source of all things.

Curator: Adina Rențea
text: Adina Rențea

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