Jean Pârvan- Harlequin sculpture

Jean Pârvan- Harlequin sculpture

  • 4,000.00€

  • Ex Tax: 4,000.00€

Ioan Jean PÂRVAN was born in Bucharest, in 1950, and died in 1998 in Bucharest.

In 1974, he graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts, Bucharest.

  • Made in bronze, with a marble base, the sculpture by Jean Pârvan presents a character aligned in a dynamic state, belonging to a separate world, a fact that gives it a special charm. The focused look, highlighted by the details of the face, thus becomes a trademark of the artist. A successful Romanian sculptor on the international market, the artist has had, over time, personal exhibitions in cities such as Bucharest, São Paulo, Berlin, Warsaw, Los Angeles or Paris.

  • 70 x 26 x 7 cm,
  • bronze, marble base,
  • signed. 

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