"Abstract image"-Aliona Barbei Tureac

"Abstract image"-Aliona Barbei Tureac

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  • 630 mm x 820 mm,
  • oil on linen canvas,
  • year 2023.

"This painting is an exciting example of contemporary abstractionism where I try to play with traditional notions

of form and space.

The eye is immediately captured by the unusual combination of bright reds and oranges, contrasting with shades

cool blues and harmoniously complemented by earthy browns and beiges. This creates an illusion of a battle between light and shadow,dynamics and stasis, symbolizing the eternal opposition between chaos and order in our world.

Bold, improvised strokes and drops of paint create an image that grabs attention and evokes deep emotions.

  I experiment and use texture and color to invoke a sense of depth and multidimensionality, allowing the viewer to feel each layer of the painting.

The face, possibly the most captivating element of this work, emerges from the abstract chaos, as an attempt by the human mind to find familiar images in something incomprehensible. This face, shining through the swirl of color, is a vivid image of the individuality and uniqueness of the human experience.

The painting embodies courage and boldness, unafraid to explore the boundaries of painting, offering viewers not only to look, but to feel, ponder and interpret. This work of art will become the centerpiece of any gallery or space, arousing admiration and stimulating endless conversations about its meaning and impact." 

Aliona Barbei Tureac

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