Aurel Băeșu – Portrait of Ionel Teodoreanu

Aurel Băeșu – Portrait of Ionel Teodoreanu

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Between 1907 and 1912 he attended the ' Alexandru Donici' gymnasium in Fălticeni. After graduating, he enrolled in 1912 at the School of Fine Arts in Iasi where he studied for four years with Constantin Artachino and Gheorghe Popovici.

In 1915 he was awarded by the Romanian Academy with the First Prize ' ' Lecomte de Nouy ' for drawing.

He left for Italy to enroll in the free painting course of the Institute of Fine Arts in Rome.In 1926 - a new trip to Europe, France, Slovenia and Hungary.It contributes to a gradual decantation of impressions, to the realization of new forms of expression, with tendencies of decorative simplification.

Sick of tuberculosis, he died on August 24, 1928 and was buried in the ' Valea Viei Cemetery' in Piatra Neamț.

  • The portrait is treated realistically and pictorially, the color layer is applied in thin brushes.
  • The work was not varnished, being present many colored grays, the dominant chromatic being cold.

  • 50 x 40 cm,
  • oil on cardboard,
  • signed. 

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